About terrorism, in its many forms, and as it is said ‘one man’s terrorist in another man’s freedom fighter’.

We will begin preliminary investigations on how occupation, imperialism, and state monopoly of “legal” violence, and oppression and the appendages of official judiciary, police, military and contracted mercenary ‘terrorism’ by governments and their agents, breeds many reactions of groups and individuals some of which is naturally called ‘terrorism’ by that government, and then a cycle of violence and terrorism is perpetuated, repeated over and over again.

We do not advocate or condone what is known as terrorism, target killing of innocent people for a political and economic agenda against an alleged enemy or group or class of people, in any form, and this website is a humble attempt to identify some of the issues about various forms and kinds of oppression, tyranny, and terrorism.

The opinions are of the authors cited themselves, and our posting of the articles is not necessarily an endorsement of those opinions and arguments, but rather for purposes of continual intellectual  investigation, comparison, research and reflection.


Is the threat of “Nuclear Artillery”

used as tactical weapons a form of terrorizing populations?

POTD: Nuclear Artillery

This is a still from the Upshot-Knothole Grable nuclear artillery test in 1953. Conducted on May 25th at the Nevada testing site, Shot GRABLE was the only detonation of a shell-delivered nuclear weapon during the United State’s research into gun-type fission warheads. The 15 kiloton blast was fired from an 11 inch gun (nicknamed Atomic Annie) located 6.2 miles from ground zero. The shell, which weighed 805 pounds, exploded at 525 feet above the ground. The video below shows the Upshot-Knothole Grable test and its effects, make sure to watch the air-pressure shockwave hit the stand of trees. Luckily for all of us, the United States finished dismantling its 1,300 land-based nuclear shells in 2003.


The light from an atomic bomb test explosion (Operation Redwing, Shot Erie) is reflected in the waters of Enewetak Atoll May 30 1956. Reuters



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